Application Instructions

  1. Describe why you should be selected to receive a Sean A. Collier Adventure Grant. Please include the following and keep each answer to two paragraphs (or about 150-200 words). You may format your application document as short answers, including each of the questions below:

    1. Describe the trip you hope to go on. Where? Who? When? Why?
    2. What personal goals do you hope to achieve with your adventure? How will the grant allow you to learn/grow in ways that you otherwise would not be able to? 
    3. How have you been impacted by MITOC? How do you hope to contribute to the MITOC community in the future, and how might this grant further that aim?
    4. Do you have a personal connection to Sean, or what does Sean's legacy through the Sean A. Collier Adventure Grant mean to you? 
    5. Outline how your trip will stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. For US-based trips, this might include vaccination status for your entire group and contingency plans in the case of a policy change, COVID-19 exposure, or positive test. For international trips, please provide details on your country of residence, trip location, local COVID-19 guidelines, vaccination status if applicable, and contingency plans. 
  2. How much money are you applying for?

    1. Provide a broken-down budget of what you will spend your award on.
      1. Download Collier Adventure Grant Budget (.xlsx) template here and complete. The template is also available as a Google sheet
    2. Note in your application whether your grant request can be partially funded or not.

The 2021 round of applications closes on September 10, 2021, and awardees will be announced by early October, 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns about the grant process or application system, please use our Contact Form.